When I moved from LA to NY in December of 2017, I needed a way to keep in touch with friends that I spent the last few years hanging out with at shows and parties and pickup games.

Shortly after relocating, I realized it wasn't gonna be an issue; nowadays, people are only separated by a text thread, FaceTime call or incredible game on League Pass. Suddenly, 3,000 miles away, I was hearing from friends more than ever—and all anyone wanted to talk about was the NBA… hypothetical trades, vet minimum signings, the coaching carousel, tanking strategy... LeBron... free agency. It didn't stop.

I was at an audition in midtown Manhattan the day before the February 2018 trade deadline and a zillion scenarios were racing through my head… Who could the Cavs trade for to satiate LeBron? Could Anthony Davis get moved? Blake Griffin got flipped to the Pistons for what!? After my appointment, I made a beeline for an electronics store and bought some podcasting basics—a recorder and mic—and the next day, I called one of my most thoughtful, NBA-crazed friends, Matt Hobby, to talk about all the happenings at the deadline. It was glorious, I had no idea what I was doing, and suddenly, an NBA pod was born.

Nearly a year later, we're stronger than ever. Each week I call one of my friends and talk about my favorite subject, NBA hoops. Some weeks, we deep-dive into an intriguing period of NBA history. Other weeks, we talk about the current state of the league. And other weeks, we draft our favorite NBA-related topics (stuff like "Best NBA Enforcers" or "Best NBA Haircuts").

The pod is my favorite thing and I hope you enjoy the show—thanks for listening.